According to the current situations of the firms, it simply can be mentioned that a total of 99% of E.U.E.U. firms are “small and medium-sized enterprises” (SMEs). In order to secure finance and participate in E.U.E.U. Support programs for small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) it is essential to be classified as such. This study’s primary objective is to examine how “small software technology firms” (SSCs) communicate their successes and failures. It is difficult to define a “global marketing strategy” without considering the various components that go into it. Media advertising and marketing, as well as sales operations, must be adapted to target different segments of the RAN or vRAN software market in different countries, which is a drawback of this strategy. For an internationalization plan, market orientations are closely related to market performance, which is regulated by gaining knowledge and marketing commitment. In order to maintain a competitive edge, Accelleran is expanding its reach internationally. It is more important for the long competitive advantage for a company with a strong emphasis on the market than for a company that doesn’t.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction. 3

2.0 Discussion. 3

2.1 Global Marketing Strategies. 3

2.2 Marketing Mix. 6

2.3 Cultural Theory Adaptation. 12

3.0 Recommendations. 14

4.0 Conclusion. 14

Reference List: 16



1.0 Introduction

“Small and medium-sized enterprises”(SMEs) impersonate entire businesses 99% in the E.UE.U. The classification of a small and medium-sized firm (SME) is critical for obtaining financing and participating in E.U.E.U. Assistance programs are designed exclusively for these businesses. Accelleran European SME-based company that provides mobile RAN or vRAN software as well as the solutions of LTE small cell products that identify the developing data volumes challenges in the real world and hyperdense networks calling 5G applications. The software architecture of Accelleran is completely independent of any hardware device. Slicing as well as edge features can be incorporated into the same software solution that is used for integrated tiny cells.


A global network of mobile phone industry experts, ‘Accelleran’ is the best method for young cell as well as “radio access network software” solutions that are carrier-grade and reliable, as well as fast and scalable for “Fixed Wireless Access” (FWA), Public Mobile, Neutral Host, Private Network, as well as Vertical or IoT solution providers. In this report, it will be discussed the global marketing strategies of ‘Accelleran’ and how they adapt the cultural theory.


2.0 Discussion

An investigation of “small software technology companies” marketing winning and losing is the focus of this study. Discussions on small business growth and marketing, as well as the variables that contribute to a company’s successes and failures, will continue. Entrepreneurship in emerging countries has been recognized as a critical factor in SME success in light of previous economic downturns. A few of the finest ways technology businesses can achieve this will be examined in this article. This article outlines the most important marketing methods that entrepreneurship tech businesses may employ to change the way they promote themselves. 

2.1 Global Marketing Strategies

Standards, configuration, synchronization of value chain operations are only a few elements that make up a “global marketing strategy.” External globalization factors are also important to keep in mind. Research on “global marketing strategy”, particularly for “small and medium-sized businesses” (SMEs) expanding globally, has been limited (Chen et al. 2019) Constructing promotional strategies worldwide to achieve the competitive advantage by focusing globally on those very operations as manufacturing marketing materials of RAN or vRAN software, sales representatives, service support training, as well as evaluation methods; coordinating marketing throughout countries by using similar techniques across countries, transferring knowledge across countries as well as integrating effort through the company’s current “International Marketing Organization”, could all play a significant role in a global strategy. The process of dividing a market into several segments based on the characteristics of its customers is known as domestic segmenting the market. 


The same theory may be extended to nations and marketplaces within countries, providing the international marketing three options: There is a defect in this approach because it fails to take into account the heterogeneity inside every country and encourages national stereotyping; recognize a widespread segment across nations, but this is recommended that now the hunt for global segments of the market has always been best sought in a sub-global context; as well as identify diversified segments across nations (Lee, and Lee,  2020). Marketing activities like media advertising and marketing and sales operations must be altered between nations to target various segments that want similar goods of RAN or vRAN software, which is a downside of this strategy. To be successful in internationalization, multinational companies must focus on segmentation, according to several experts. Research shows that manufacturing Accelleran that have a strong market focus and competitive advantage are more likely to become global. 


Describe the degree of responsiveness, dissemination as well as sharing of information, gathering marketing information relevant to prospective customer prerequisites as well as wants, contemplating rival strategies as well as taking measures, as well as considering the broad business climate as well as all corporate stakeholders in undergoing its business globally, the terms of market orientation is used (Hacklin, Björkdahl, and Wallin, 2018). Firms with a strong focus on the market use a systematic and proactive strategy to gather and use market knowledge about their rivals and consumers as well as about technological advancements, the government, and other external issues. By doing so, they will be able to better serve international clients than the competitors (Wang et al. 2018). A strategy of internationalization is directly linked to market orientations, and the influence of entrepreneurial orientation on performance in international markets is controlled by acquiring knowledge as well as marketing commitment. Marketing encourages employees to gather and analyze data about their consumers, rivals, and the surrounding environment in order to better serve their customers. 


Competitive advantages, as well as the internationalization of Accelleran, are becoming increasingly intertwined. Firms that have a strong focus on the market are more likely to have a long-term competitive advantage than those that don’t have a strong focus on the market. Developing and nurturing different competencies of market-focused learning, networking, and internal learning is essential to attaining rapid international and perhaps better market performance. New enterprises with a focus on knowledge-intensive goods will be able to take these steps. By doing this, they’ll improve their marketing skills and be more equipped to take advantage of worldwide specialized markets (Miles and Boden, 2019). As a business grows, so does its ability to expand geographically. A greater quantity of production as well as consequently may be achieved by SMEs through international expansion. It also helps since different regions have varying market circumstances, which protects the companies from fluctuations and loss of public sales and profits and services, as well. 


In addition, they can able to use their capabilities to capitalize upon market defects and earn better benefits for their capabilities and core competency. Expansion and value creation may be achieved by expansion into new geographic markets. However, the implementation of such initiatives involves several distinct problems in addition to those connected with the internal growth of Accelleran. As a result, foreignness and newness can have a negative impact on businesses when they enter new markets that are different from their original markets. Since a result of considerable market disparities, new information and skills must be obtained, as sometimes the local market’s capabilities, as well as expertise, cannot be exported. Building connections with stakeholders, hiring and training employees are just a few of the challenges associated with forming a subsidiary. In addition to these challenges, the company will confront a variety of economic, political, and cultural variables that need a shift in the company’s business practices from its native market. As a result, it has to deal with increased political and operational risks.


Accelleran has limited resources and magnifies the negative consequences of growth activities; thus, it is logical to argue that “foreign direct investment” (FDI) may be a more competitive strategy for functioning in international markets than exporting. Accelleran is more vulnerable to the responsibility of uniqueness than large corporations because of their restricted resources and capabilities, so one effective approach to managing the above component of internationalization is to form partnerships with local partners who can help overcome a lack of host country knowledge. Extending regional breadth beyond the utilization of firm-specific unique assets has intrinsic value. Accelleran should not be disheartened by first failures in internationalization, according to these results. To put it another way, SMEs’ management should concentrate on learning from their early experiences and developing successful strategies for facing the difficulties they face while entering new markets. When foreign markets are studied, the benefits of internationalization will ultimately outweigh the expenses, and the net effect on performance will indeed be good. 


Foreign markets may be studied more effectively with the use of market-oriented skills like customer linkage and channel bonding. This is especially true for “small and medium-sized enterprises” (SMEs) in the early phases of internationalization. Firms that have minimal international experience are likely to continue their domestic pattern in addition to gathering information, distributing that information throughout the organization, and formulating a corporate reaction to the market at this point. SME export response capability is also influenced by the learning and absorption of exporting knowledge by SMEs, which eventually helps them to generate better turnover as well as profit rates in overseas markets.


2.2 Marketing Mix

The marketing strategy is an example of how quick innovation and successful tactics work together to retain a high market share. ‘Product,’ ‘Place,’ ‘Promotion,’ and ‘Price’ (the 4Ps) are the four components of a marketing mix that govern how a firm implements its marketing strategy. In the hardware and software sector, the firm is a prominent player. This has resulted in a high level of income.


Product – Virtualized software components provided by Accelleran’sdRAXTM allow for the deployment of disaggregated Open RANs in accordance with standard protocols like the O-RAN Alliance, enabling real-world deployment. These Cloud-Native components provide 4G and 5G networks with dependable, cost-effective, and scalable solutions. All of Drax’s core tasks are covered, including service orchestration, resource management (CU-CP/UP), and pre-integration with a diverse variety of D.U.D.U. as well as R.U.R.U. Services from industry partners as well as other suppliers in the network ecosystem.


Drax is completely connected with major orchestration systems like Kubernetes, making it fit for installations on twenty-first-century internet infrastructure. For big office installations with a few cells, Drax can handle all scenarios using our proprietary Jetstream architecture, enabling fast, distributed, location-independent cloud computing meshing. For larger-scale solutions, Drax can offer ‘load balancing,’ ‘multi-node clustering,’ and ‘geo-redundancy.’


Drax-RIC (Intelligent Controller of RAN): Accurate, near real-time management and measurement of Accessible RAN elements, as well as resources, is provided by AccellerandRAXTM RIC, a Cloud-Native close to real RAN Intelligent Controller. With this framework, all the functionality needed for onboarding as well as lifecycle management of xApps can be found. A variety of services are provided to containerized apps, such as the ability to deploy and manage them. Apps may access real-time data from the RAN, as well as real-time instructions to control RAN behavior, such as handover, sub-band masking, and real-time state database access. xApps configuration as well as policy administration via API-driven inter-xApps communication. Customers, as well as integrators alike, are using dRAX-RIC as an operationally-ready platform again for the creation of their own artificial intelligence (A.I.A.I.)-based applications that boost RAN intelligence as well as automation. 


Figure 1:dRAX-RIC



Drax-SMO :Manageability as well as orchestration among open as well as disaggregated RANs may be achieved with Drax, which delivers on its promises. With Drax, it get open APIs, as well as an easy-to-use GUI for configuring Open RAN components and adding new apps via xApps onboarding. Revolutionary Kubernetes-based orchestration capabilities in dRAX enable dynamic invocation of RAN modules when and then when required. Drax In order to offer end-to-end services reliant on cellular connection, Drax makes it simple to interact with third party end-to-end orchestration systems.

Figure 2:dRAX-SMO




Drax-CU: 4G & 5G : 3GPP defines the “Central Unit – User Plane” (CU-UP) and “Central Unit – Control Plane” (CU-CP) as completely standards-compliant, “Cloud-Native” implementations of Accelleran’sdRAX CU (Lahtinen, Dietrich, and Rundle-Thiele, 2020). Accelleran’s “Jetstream business mesh technology powers” dRAX-CU, true microservices architecture composed of containerized services that are decoupled from their physical location and have distinct functions and interfaces. dRAX’s entire network, high availability and scalability are all bolstered by its ability to scale from physical nodes to large geo-redundant clusters.


Figure 3:dRAX-CU: 4G & 5G



Drax-xApps :Allowing the deployment of mobile software for network administration and optimization is made possible by this platform’s relatively close time xApp technology. Because they now have privileged access to RAN data, these applications may utilize this one to feed into near-real-time controls, making use of A.I.A.I. as well as Big Data advantages. Third-party applications can be added to Accelleran’s offerings using this open forum.

“Smart Handover”, “Automated Neighbour Manager,” and “Automated PCI Allocation” are all part of the current xApp offering.

Figure 4:dRAX-CU: 4G & 5G



e/gNodeB Software : An “e/gNodeB’s functioning” is enabled by this software suite, which offers a comprehensive software solution that includes all of the necessary components: “RAN Layers” 1, 2, and 3, as well as OAM as well as security elements. Software enabling carrier-grade small cells that is optimized for several platforms has been developed with portability as well as flexibility in mind from the start (Siripipatthanakul, and Puttharak, 2021). A virtualized “C-RAN architecture” and a fully integrated conventional “Small Cell” are only two of the “Open RAN” divides that may be supported by this software, which is now available for use on “Marvell 71xx” and “73xx silicon” platforms and supports numerous silicon platforms. It’s possible for technology solutions to use any hardware platform because of the “xNodeB software.”

Figure 5:e/gNodeB Software




Place – It’s important to know more than simply who is the consumers are when it comes to product. Instead than referring to a specific geographic location, “place” might refer to an idea or concept. Choosing a distribution route to reach the customers, that it’s not really a physical format shop, is something this stage is all about. Determine where the consumer is most likely to be before deciding on a location (Jarek, and Mazurek, 2019). The prior market research was carried out to determine the best distribution channel for the product.

Price – It’s vital to get product pricing right if you want the firm to be successful. For this reason, it’s critical that don’t make an error in the pricing approach the first time around. There is a real danger in pricing the Accelleran product too cheaply, believing that buyers would regard it as the greatest value available. Despite the fact that this could work in certain situations, it is more likely to be viewed as a low-quality product. In the same way, overcharging for the Accelleran product may be just as damaging. Should determine a reasonable pricing range for the product, users should examine the offerings of their rivals as well as  target market, as well as the industry as a whole.

Promotion – When they think of “marketing,” usually think of the ultimate step, which is promotion. Any promotional methods that would help get all the ball rolling on the product release and captivate the target demographic will be developed and implemented in this phase of the marketing mix (Wang et al. 2019). The product, pricing, and location all have an impact on the strategies that should use at this point. For instance, if Accelleran is a convenience commodity supplied by several software companies, giving a discounted price might be an effective advertising strategy.

Figure 6: 4Ps Marketing Mix




2.3 Cultural Theory Adaptation

A person’s or a group’s adaptation is defined as changes that happen in response to the environment pressures  Is the process of adapting to an unfamiliar situation and becoming comfortable with it. A major and distinguishing subject in the study of how immigrants adjust to new cultures is cross-cultural adaptation. Cross-cultural adaptation has been examined in social science fields because of the steady influx of international migrant (Solimun, and Fernandes, 2018). As they adjust to their new host culture, strangers eventually acquire new cultural behaviors while shedding some of their old ones. The goal of this procedure is to reduce conflict by adjusting, reacting, or withdrawing from cultural or behavioral differences. An individual’s attempt to develop and sustain an essentially stable and mutually beneficial connection with a new social and cultural context is called “cross-cultural adaptation,” according to one definition (Shareefet al. 2018). Intercultural adjustment is all about finding the right balance between one’s own internal conditions and those of the foreign atmosphere. 


Immigrants, particularly those who are reliant on the host culture to satisfy their social requirements, frequently experience a difficult but growing process of adapting to their new surroundings (Shareefet al. 2018). The stranger would undergo a succession of changes as he or she interacts with the many parts of the new cultural milieu, integrating culturally accepted concepts, attitudes, and behaviors and finally developing a shared view of reality and self. In the new cultural context transformation, strangers would then experience three interrelated changes: increased functional strength and conditioning in everyday transactions, enhanced mental wellbeing in attitude with the environmental conditions, and a shift from the previous cultural identity to a more expansive “intercultural” individuality (Sampaio, Ladeira, and Santini, 2017). “Cross-cultural adaptation,” on the other hand, was used only somewhere at the individual level. At this level of analysis, it has not yet been implemented or empirically tested. In order to deal with the challenge posed by cultural distance, companies must continually adjust to their current host environment by making organizational modifications. 


Firms will get a better knowledge of their diversified workplace and international alliances, increase employee engagement as well as happiness, and form a functioning relationship to their hosting environment as a result of the adaptation process. A high degree both externally and internally “functional fitness” can be achieved by means of the cross-cultural adaptation process in order to alleviate challenges resulting from cultural distance as well as achieve the financial aim of global growth and competitiveness (Solimun, and Fernandes, 2018). Thus, utilize “cross-cultural adaptation” that highlight the developing process of organizational change in order to adapt to the changing “cultural and institutional context,” notably in the foreign business setting. Considers both internal and external factors while defining the notion. It’s important to understand that “cross-cultural adaptability” in global business is a continuing phenomenon in which corporations establish a mutually beneficial partnership with a new, uncharted territory.


3.0 Recommendations

Developing native apps for iOS as well as Android is highly recommended if you want to give the greatest possible experience for the target audience. Although multi-platform development could be a cheap choice if business needs to include all other network services, including Windows, it is possible that it may affect the availability. However, it is possible to use the “build once, run anywhere” notion in a different way. Mobile web apps and hybrid apps may be developed with a small amount of effort or can utilize a multi-platform foundation for cross-platform applications and gain access to a broad variety of mobile devices. Customers and staff will be more engaged if the company uses the right mix of native and web development. When it comes to user experiences, web applications are superior to native apps, as they allow users to choose from a wide range of devices. Having an entire impression of the company’s processes and daily routines is essential to determining the best “mobile software architecture” for the organization.


4.0 Conclusion

Mainly, Accelleran’s major focus is on the supply of carrier as well as mission-critical grade small cell technology solutions, “RAN/vRAn testing suites,” as well as “Consultancy/Design;” “Test and Integration,” “S.W.S.W. Engineering;” “Research and Innovation Services for 4G/5GRAN.” In addition to being carrier and mission-critical grade, Accelleran software is architecture agnostic. ORAN-compliant virtualized systems that rely on Kubernetes orchestration platforms may also be used to run “Small Cells”, as well as fully embedded platforms leveraging leading “Small Cell SoCs.”


Accelleran has a strong focus on artificial intelligence. Innovation as well as automation inside the complex difficulties faced by mobile network operators is driven by information technology (I.T.I.T.). With Accelleran’s unique software architecture and unequivocal support for freely architected networks. Despite the fact that open standards are required to create fully interoperable solutions, the specialists are still unable to integrate the many components into an effective solution. Increasing numbers of startups and infrastructure operators are joining the market to support this architecture.

In the vRAN disaggregated architecture, distinct RAN components may be located in various layers of the networks (MEC nodes, Cloud) and interacted with orchestrators to establish the required connection for virtualized operators as well as tenants of all these networks. For these future-proof deployment models, the RAN must be Cloud-Native and distributed. With the help of various E.U.E.U. initiatives and early trials, Accelleran has been leading the market’s progress with its dRAX offering. MNOs have made it a point to shift away beyond proprietary as well as monolithic RAN methods. In the context of 5G, there is much more than the usual promise of reduced latency, larger data rates, greater spectral efficiency. Dynamic, virtualized, and transparent network design is being proposed.



Reference List:

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