Nurse Educator Practices and Behaviors

Nursing is a profession that involves the caring for the convalescents and invalids or the profession of caring for the ill, the dying, the old or the disabled persons. The main cover is the sick as they recover by giving the treatment as prescribed by the doctor while making the patient comfortable during this period. This care is given to all irrespective of factors like the age, sex or gender. Through the profession, the promotion of health is ensured while maintaining the management systems put in place for the patients both in and out. For this to happen the nurses have to undergo proper training to ensure that this is done well with expert knowledge. This indicates that the training given to the nurses is important to make sure that the kind of care given to the patients or client is of the highest quality. The need to have nurse educators with sufficient knowledge is the most important in this chain of education that leads to service delivery. These trainers need to have the required characteristics and attitude to ensure those trained get misguided or develop an attitude or other attributes that may come about due to the negative trait found in the individual. The same educators need to be aware of the changing trend sin the society and how the same will affect the care given to the ill or unwell to ensure that the care given out during training and at work is appropriate.  To ensure this the selection of the right methods of teaching is principal and by this the recommended methods are those that will enable the students to develop a sense of responsibility. This means that the educators must know the appropriate procedure to undertake in patients of varying conditions or illnesses (Gaberson & Oermann 2009)


The education of the nurse students is a complex process that should be carefully considered as it eventually leads to them to caring for real people and if it’s not done properly the service provided in terms of nursing can drop. The nurse educators need to have some specific qualities if this is to be achieved, for this to successful the communication skills, personal traits of these people need to be good. The faculties in charge of the nursing programme also need to give a proper curriculum that will facilitate this. The need for adequate facilities is critical as the lack of the same can also impede proper learning as the exposure to some important scenes will not be available. These along with other constraints may arise if the factors stated are not properly putting place as extras like community and patient education can further improve the efficiency of these students, others like technology will provide more exposure on them. The nurse educators hence find themselves in a tough spot as they need to overcome the hurdles in place to achieve this.

Implications of the Nurse Educators and Teachers

Nurse educators have the weight of the care to be given to the patients in the future in society. The faculty is expected to include all practices that have evidence to support the practice. This will increase the skills of the nurses as they will have access to the most relevant and factual knowledge in the nursing practice and this will also provide the rationale when it comes to the practice sin nursing as the student nurses will recognize the reasoning of the actions being taken and why it’s so important apart from the theories used in terms of teaching and the basic nursing knowledge, there are factors which will have to be considered by the teachers like the personal traits and other include aesthetic conditions and ethical factors in relation to the society. The instructors will also need the framework of systemic observations, experience, and reliance of nursing research and combine all these to provide the best sound practices for teaching in nursing. The significance of this is that the nurse educators along with the students develop the required skills as they also learn the new approaches being introduced in the research world. So the need to have nurse educators who the curiosity intellectually of learning new ideas while trying them. The need for expertise and competitive clinical setting is important if any of these factors are to be observed or implemented. These nurse educators need to not know everything and it’s impractical but need the quality of knowing how to search learn and interpret the knowledge require at any specific moment. This quality will also require one to ensure the source of the information acquired is of relevant and factual to avoid feeding of theories or practices that have not been accepted universally in the medical scene (Erickson-Owens &Kennedy, 2001).


Faculty in Nursing Education

The use of research in a faculty and other appraisal skills is of prime importance in the nursing program. This includes all the teachings incorporated in the clinical setting and practice. For effective teaching and instruction to take place, the instructors have to be competent to ensure proper giving of instruction. This can either be in the clinical setting where proper professionalism should be ensured. The student normally prefers nurse teachers who are with a speciality in nursing skills and give the best nursing care in the work setting. The faculty should also put in place standardized scenarios that resemble the patient setup to give experience and boost the confidence of the student nurse when taken to the clinical setup. Discussions should also be included after the discussions; the reason for this is to ensure the analysis is done on the information gained in the learning process. To build on this further in terms of experience, the provision of standardized focus questions on the setting experienced which was the patient setup is important in that it will give the results on the areas giving problems to the students and the need for further work and reference. Some of the tools to be acquired will include mannequins and other anatomic models like the organs or different scenario injuries. Apart from these other forms of tools or samples may add an added advantage; this will include tools that will simulate injuries like bleeding wounds. Some low-cost tools or additions which may be included may be brochures on specific procedures and photographs and charts may also include in the setup for ease of reference (Kessenich et al, 1997).

For eventual success, the teachers need to acknowledge the need to adhere to the set down rules and other aspects in relation to the faculty. In the creation of the curriculum that is to be used the need for expertise and will include insertion sound objectives to be included in the content of the course. This has to include the clinical content along with the classroom setting. The need for evaluation and testing of what the students have learnt during the session is significant as the knowledge needs to be assessed and feedback given to the students to find out the areas which need further exploration by the nurse teachers (Ervin, 2002).

Characters of Nurse and Teachers

According to Morgan AND Knox (1987), the nurse educators are very crucial in the nursing community, this is because they pass the information to the student nurses and play an important role in the service. Thee most important step is to build a relationship with the student nurses under their tutelage setup. As they prepare the students on the career ahead, them being the models in the clinical setup, they need to provide a good example which will be followed by the students when they are in the same setup in the future. Some of the qualities they need to possess include:-

  • Communication skills, this need to be done in an organized manner without any confusing inclusions. This should be done in a manner that will have adequate knowledge and content. This should be done in an energetic manner with enthusiasm and before any teaching or instruction session the nurse educator needs to be confident and have prepared well, and this should be done in a creative manner to avoid boredom hence the need for creativity.
  • Personality traits; this should not have a discouraging demeanor but need to have a friendly attitude. The nurse educators should always be supporting to their students and always tries to motivate them while being supportive and respectful to ensure that a good relationship is maintained. To ensure a good relationship the need for open mindedness is crucial as this help understand what they may be going through and for this to happen the teacher need to be quite flexible in what they do.
  • Accessible; the nurse educators need to accessible to their students in the case of need for some kind of consultation and by this the teachers should always create time for them. This is because by doing this the students will develop a drive. For this to happen all the educators need to have specific offices and areas in which the students can access them at any time.
  • Evaluation; the teachers need to have develop evaluation measures that can be used to test their students on the knowledge acquired. By this the nurse teachers need to always give tests that can give instant feedback especially when there is a clinical setting.


  • Competence; the nurse teachers need to be vey competent in their specific areas of teaching as this will give confidence to the students being taught. The lack of the same will result in lack of trust between the student nurse and student teacher will result in a situation of mistrust and poor communication. This will result in lack of adequate information transfer and the result will include poor and inadequate learning by the students which will mean they will be incompetent.



Clinical teaching

This normally include giving education the student nurse in the clinical setup, by this they acquire the knowledge on the real setup while encountering living patients instead of the mannequins which are used in the skills laboratory setting. By this the students boost their confidence as the ability to thrive in real situation implies the progress being made by the nurse educators and the vice versa will mean the opposite resulting in the change of approach or theory being applied in the scenario. This can be introduced to the student nurse and be done after specific time periods like on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the progress being made or lack of thereof this will be achieved by the use of a specific program to be used in the same to ensure the same is adhered and the details to be used in selecting the approach and criteria to be employed in the same. In this setup the allowed to conduct all that is to be done in assistance to a patient with supervision from the nurse educator whose more experienced to avoid grave mistakes that can dire consequences on the patient as they are more technically experienced and able(Becky,1995) .

Community based education

Most of the teaching is done in a clinical practice but within the nursing school. This prevents the students from being exposed to the real situation of a patient-nurse setup due to the comfort of having an instructor to correct things if they make mistakes. Due to this the student nurses need to be taken out to the community where they will be without the same and this will be a different case where they will need to be more thorough and keen in all they do as this is very crucial. The best options for doing this is to ensure they are sent to outreach programmes in the community based healthcare delivery centers. Through this the student nurse will be able to get the much needed experience require by the students in their quest to be good service providers in the future in terms of efficiency and quality (Robshaw& Smith, 2004).

Problems encountered by nurse educators

These educators are normally faced with many challenges especially when it comes to implementing the setup and policies that are made for the students by the faculty. The curriculum should be in such a manner that it will meet all the goals set in place by the faculty in terms of the nursing program. The system will affect the attitudes and beliefs of the nurse of the future. The educators need to consider the various cultures of the student nurses and their ethnic back grounds as this may affect the intake of practices in relation to the information being given. The nursing students may also disruptive behaviors’ that may affect the learning process of the whole group and the teachers need to learn on how to deal with this aspect without personal stereotyping and in a professional manner. He selection of teaching skills that are foreign can prove to be a stumbling block as the teachers need to come up with a method that an be effective and well understood by the students being given instructions or guidance as they try to learn. These means the teachers before any teaching sessions, need to find the most effective teaching method to be employed at any moment and use it while at the same time need to have done adequate research on the topic that is of choice for the day(Tilley et al, 1997).


Some technology can be applied in the teaching of the nurse students by the nurse educators.  Due to the experiential learning which is normally preferred by the students, some of these technological advances can b used in the education of these students, with these an actual impression can be created on practical session to be used in the learning process. Some of the technological aspects that can be applied include the use of a simulation of the actual operations or actions on a patient; a computer assisted instructing video, interactive human simulators and other virtual reality simulators. These simulations will normally give the students a chance to feed it with data they have worked on and expect feedback which will gauge the accuracy of there feedbacks. These will also enable the students to in setting that they will encounter often in the future like labor in maternity wards while  giving them the chance to hear the actual reactions and activities as they occur in major organs in the body. Some of these programs in advanced technology have been put in mannequins and the result of this is a human like response that gives a more life like reaction (Tang et al, 2005).

The nurse educators need to be to have a sound educational background fro them to be efficient.  One of the most important things that need to be noted is the need to be aware of some of the issues to know is that instructors need to have a good relation with student nurse as it will facilitate proper learning of the same; a lack of the same will affect the good learning facilitation. The other aspects that affect how a nurse educator will give information are the personal aspects of the same. The instructor need a good relationship with the students and need to have a good personality on top of the same and by this it includes good communication and other personal traits as the lack of this will result in the same will result in poor communication due to interference by personal issues. The need for a good environment is crucial as the lack of proper facilities will hinder good learning for the student nurse as the appropriate tools not being available will result in the missing of some practice moments that are good learning. Due to this the factors which will affect the rate of education delivery to the students all these have as in the end it will result in the service to be given to people. All these values when incorporated result in the adequate training that will result in good and efficient people in service delivery (Wieck, 2003).


Nursing educators need to have good practices and behaviors for them to be effective in the teaching of the student nurses. The first and most important thing is they need to competent and able nurses who have adequate experience in the profession. To further make the odds of success better the need for good characteristics is important in that they need good personas in order to relate well with the students while the need for good communication skills is also important as they will have to relay the message being properly for it to be understood. The other important note in that they will encounter many constraints which will need good approaches in order to overcome this. The students need a good course work for successful facilitation in this course and for this to happen the faculties’ curriculum has to be expansive and relevant in relation to practices and time as some practices may be outdated. The addition with other methods might also make the facilitation easier like the use of technology and other methods like community education. All these aspects are intertwined in that no single one will work without the other hence the need to combine all at the same time to ensure the students who are on the receiving end get adequate training to facilitate them in the future as well trained and performing nurses.


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