Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X-the most revered political activists

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are considered the most revered political activists in the history of American politics. The two individuals were respected leaders during the American Civil Rights movement. They were motivated by the need to champion for racial equality and black freedom. At the time, both King and Malcolm appealed to the imaginations of the African American people, as they advise them on what should be done to improve their status and circumstances. However, both leaders offered their opinions from different vantage points and premises owing to their contradicting opinions. It is following their contradicting views on justice and equality that King was constructed as a dreamer of a beloved community while Malcolm was branded a dangerous man. Therefore, while both personalities became prominent during the Civil Rights Movement, they were guided by different philosophies and approaches to combating racial inequality. King greatly emphasized the use of non-violent tactics while advocating for complete integration and achievement of absolute civil rights for the people (Howard-Pitney 43). Conversely, Malcolm X advocated for the total separation of the black and white race, while opposing any form of integration. The leader was also against King’s prescribed non-violence approach to protest, stating that such a strategy caused the blacks to be utterly defenseless against white racism. Despite their differing approaches to racial equality, the two leaders championed for black freedom. Thus, the divergent racial equality approaches of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were motivated by faith, justice, and love.

Faith, justice, and love were the key drivers of the Civil Rights Movement. The movement derived its intensity and strength from the eloquent and prophetic discourses of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. The two leaders were a great source of inspiration, as they championed for people power and the need to fight for equality. Both personalities conclusively demonstrated their leadership abilities by verbalizing the primary issues that the Black American people suffered, offering them direct courses of action and strengthening their hope for freedom and a secure future. Through their rhetoric, the two leaders demonstrated the possibility of equality in America. Martin Luther King’s faith-based rhetoric emanates from his religious background. The individual was brought up in a Christian home, as both his father and grandfather had been preachers (Parr 2). Therefore, it is logical that he would also practice Christian doctrines and religion. In college, the personality focused on the study of theology and sociology, which would later form the cornerstone of his Civil Rights rhetoric. While in college, King was highly intrigued with Gandhi’s non-violent philosophy, which he adapted and encouraged the people to embrace (Gorsevski 454). He then progressed to a seminary and became a pastor. King was actively involved in the Civil Rights Movement when the people elected him as the president of the Montgomery Improvement Association (Parr 119). It is through this exposure that the personality acquired the platform to speak against racial violence in the South. Thus, King was catapulted in the Civil Rights Movement when he spearheaded the bus boycott as a condemnation of Rosa Park’s racial discrimination.

Religious faith greatly influenced Martin Luther King’s quest for justice during the Civil Rights Movement. The influence of faith in King’s activism works is illustrated through the various letters and speeches produced during the Civil Rights era. A key example is his letter from Birmingham Jail. The message is fashioned in the style of a biblical epistle similar to Apostle Paul’s when he was in prison. In this letter, the personality responds to the accusations of several clergymen in the South, criticizing his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. In his quest for justice, King utilized a host of religious examples to strengthen his argument. In one section of the letter, the personality explains that he has a moral and religious responsibility to participate in activism owing to the existence of injustice. Therefore, he is compelled to preach the gospel of freedom even beyond his home town. He further argued his cause by explaining that he could not ignore the ongoing injustices as it is a matter of national jurisdiction. He also supports the purpose of the movement by citing cases of civil disobedience in the bible. Among the examples he offers are Christians during the Roman Empire, as well as the case of Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego. Thus, religious faith played an instrumental role in Martin Luther King’s advocacy for justice.

Martin Luther King’s idea of justice emanated from faith-based beliefs of fairness and equality. King’s idea of justice is illustrated through his 1963 speech title, “I Have a Dream.” The speech was prophetic, powerful, and pleasing as it emphasized the need for public morality and overcoming oppression. The speech was an inspired vision of the “Promised Land” as it spoke about the possibility of an equal America. In appreciation of Abraham Lincoln’s need to foster racial justice, the speech commences with a stylized illusion of the proclamation (Cone 5). King utilizes various religious allusions, such as the flames of withering injustice, to speak against the promoting of such viles. He compared the persistent racial inequality in America to that of a Negro languishing in the corners of the society and exiled in his own country. Through the statement, he educates the people about inequality and empowers the black to develop a sense of entitlement to American rights. He further appeals to the people to embrace the American heritage by emphasizing that this was the intention of the founding fathers when they drafted the constitutional rights of the people (Cone 5). He explains that while the constitution promises life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all Americans, black people have been denied such privileges (Washington 117). King further contends that America should start to compensate people of color by offering them years of “banked justice.” He further compares racial injustice to quicksand and urges the people to take up a sunlit path. He derives his argument from Psalms 23 and 40:2. Thus, King utilizes his Christian faith to script his non-violent case for racial justice, arguing that such a path is liberating and sunlit.

While King was engrossed in fighting racial injustices in the South, Malcolm X was busy spearheading black identity and disenfranchisement in the North. Unlike King, who only witnessed racial injustice, Malcolm was exposed to the detriments of such actions. As a child, he endured the death of his father under the hands of a white supremacist organization. Therefore, he understood what it meant to suffer racial violence and injustice. His passion for civil rights was likely motivated by his childhood experiences (Malcolm 14). Faith was an integral part of Malcolm X’s life. During his time in prison, Malcolm’s brother, who had recently converted to the National of Islam, visited him and influenced his earlier religious beliefs (Marable 17). Malcolm then sought to learn and educate himself about the Nation of Islam. He devoted his life to the Nation and embarked on a journey to become a religious leader after his release (Cone 12). He started traveling to several northern cities preaching against the oppression of the black by white men. He further urged blacks to utilize violent self-defense to foster racial equality in America. The personality advocated for separatism, citing that this the only valid means of acquiring liberation was as explained through the Nation of Islam. Therefore, he utilized various forms of media to communicate the Islamic message throughout America. Thus, religious faith greatly influenced Malcolm X’s rhetorical strategies.

Malcolm X’s racial equality, coupled with his Nation of Islam beliefs and Muslim faith, was the driving force behind his advocacy. Malcolm’s early speeches are based on the teachings and wisdom of honorable Elijah Muhammad, whose teachings were the cornerstone of the Nation of Islam (Cone 13). The fundamental aim of the Nation’s teachings is to foster better moral, economic, and social standing of the African American people by invoking Islamic teachings. However, NOI’s teachings departed from Islamic precepts in various ways. One doctrine advocated through NOI was that the original black was superior to other racial affiliations (Howard-Pitney 113). Consequently, Elijah Muhammad urged the black people to separate from other racial associations to form a separate nation (Cone 13). Muhammad also taught black men and women to stop relying on the white or seeking any form of acceptance from them. Instead, they should exercise self-acceptance. Such messages struck a chord with those seeking social justice and freedom from social oppression and brutality, such as Malcolm X. The activist believed that Muhammad’s teachings are actual and perfect, with no need for factual support.

Malcolm’s subjective interpretations of Muhammad’s teachings caused him to compare biblical injustices to the plight of blacks in America. In his speech, he examines the racial injustice suffered by African American people to the Israelites in Egypt. In his argument, Malcolm X further argued that black men are all those who are non-white. His universal perspective of the social injustices suffered by all non-white individuals was attributed to his Muslim faith (Cone 14). Following his subscription to the Nation of Islam teachings, Malcolm X condemned the whites citing that they were “devils” owing to their historical oppression against the black community. He further advocated for black self-defense, power, and autonomy. He further advocated for Muslim values by contrasting Islamic and Christian values citing that the former only fosters oppression. Malcolm also espoused that the Christian faith teaches people to demean the black while upholding the white in high esteem. He criticizes Christian songs such as “Wash me as White as Snow,” citing that they only worsen racial inequality issues. Consequently, he argues that Islam is the best religion because there are no bounds to Muslim history, as compared to Christian and Judaic teachings. Malcolm further urges people to subscribe to the teachings of the Holy Koran and Islam, as this is the only true religion for the oppressed. Thus, Malcolm urges people to subscribe to Islam because it does not segregate individuals of color from the rest.

Just like King, Malcolm X’s advocacy was motivated by the need to ensure social and racial justice for the black community. Both King and Malcolm were passionate about championing the rights of the black community. While King sought a non-violent approach to attaining justice, as evidenced through his letters and speeches, this was not the case for Malcolm. The former offered a persuasive argument as to why blacks should forcefully take back their rights. The use of violent tactics is highlighted through his 1964 speech titled, “The Ballot or the Bullet.” In this speech, Malcolm offers the Black people two options for their future. The first is the need to take back their rights violently. The second option that he presents to them is the need to exert their political power. In both options, he demands that the Blacks take action by any necessary means. To ensure that his advice is taken seriously, the activist clearly explains the events and circumstances of the time. In so doing, he depicts the image of a battlefront, with the blacks and whites on opposing sides. He then goes on to offer the above strategies as the only alternative for a secure and equal future. Thus, Malcolm X advocated for the use of force and violent tactics as possible strategies to reclaim equality and social justice.

Malcolm X’s idea of justice was later founded on traditional Islamic teachings, which espoused that Allah is one God. When Malcolm then separated from the Islamic movement and formed the Muslim movement, he decided to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. It is during the pilgrimage that traditional Islamic values were revealed to him. He encountered thousands of pilgrims from various parts of the world (Malcolm 327). The pilgrims also comprised of individuals from different racial affiliations as they were a mix of blue-eyed individuals to Africans of a black skin nature. Despite their differences, the numerous individuals were participating in a similar ritual by displaying aspects of unity and brotherhood (Malcolm 329). The experience caused Malcolm to realize that such an association could exist between Blacks and Whites. However, he had not envisioned such an occurrence before. Traditional Islamic teachings also espoused that all human beings are equal, which changed Malcolm’s idea of black superiority (Cha-jua 15). Upon his return to America, Malcolm cited that true Islamic religion recognizes that all men are brothers and that they are equal members of God’s family (Malcolm 331). Thus, Malcolm’s ideologies were later founded on the need to promote economic, political, and social equity for all individuals as espoused through traditional Islamic teachings.

A key focus on Malcolm X’s recent works was focused on racial inequality. The leader continually cited that racial injustices transcend the issue of class, religion, and education. Unlike the past, Malcolm X’s argument progressed with time, with the personality arguing against the domination of a religious minority in America. He explained that the black community should shelve their difference and collaborate to overcome a common problem. According to Malcolm, the common problem the black community faces is political, economic, and social exploitation at the hands of the white people. He further contends that speaking against the various viles meted against the Blacks does not cause them to become anti-white. Instead, it is merely a means of speaking up against exploitation, degradation, and oppression. Malcolm further explains the need for the black community to take up specific actions that would help alleviate their plight.

He then urges the people not be swayed by the false promises of the white politicians. He further expresses his disdain with the government, noting that it was undemocratic by failing to secure the voting rights of the Southerners. He contends that denying the people the right to vote was against constitutional ideals. Just like Luther King, Malcolm infers to the constitution to support his argument on racial injustice. Malcolm further contends that such prejudices are not legally permissive since the Supreme Court condemns segregation. Unlike King, Malcolm urges his readers to lift the level of their community as American conscience is bankrupt. Thus, Malcolm X’s argument urges his audience to take up personal accountability and responsibility as a means of freeing themselves from injustices.

Nevertheless, while Malcolm and King both advocate for the civil liberties of the people, they are motivated by divergent social justice philosophies. Unlike King, Malcolm X often used strong and well-supported claims as to why people should engage in direct action for their rights. He likes to utilize the imagery of sleeping people, citing the need to be awakened by 1964. He explains that people should act against social injustices, as this is the responsibility they owe to their children. Otherwise, the children will only grow up to feel ashamed for their parent’s lack of an uncompromised stand. He encourages the people to arm themselves, to kill and attack the police dogs. He also encourages them to take up guerrilla warfare and respond to violent attacks in a similar manner. Just like King, Malcolm explains that the black community has the legal right to fight against injustices. However, Malcolm implores them to die for what they believe in (Howard-Pitney 100). He further criticizes the community for taking up a passive approach citing that the white hands are smeared with the blood of the black people, yet the latter is busy singing, “We shall overcome.” Thus, Malcolm X effectively utilizes imagery to castigate the docile and hopeful nature of the black community by reiterating that freedom can only be attained through action.

Just as Martin Luther King’s and Malcolm-X’s perspectives of justice and faith differed, so did their understanding of love. A key factor in Martin Luther King’s speeches was the need to foster love between the white and black communities. Martin Luther King believed that if the two racial groups would love another, then they would quickly solve the social, political, and economic injustices that resulted in tensions. It is also this belief that guided King’s activism work as he continually reiterated the need for the two factions to love each other. During one of his sermons in 1957, King preached using one passage derived from the sermon on the Mount. He utilized the book of Mathew 5 and explained the teachings to his congregants. Using this scripture, he reiterated the need for the people to exercise love towards their neighbors.

The usage of this scripture was highly timely at the instance because King was using it to respond to critics that disapproved of his activism approach. During that time, other activists criticized the personality for exercising patience and non-violent tactics with the whites despite the ongoing injustices against the Black community. One such opponent was Malcolm X, who highly disapproved of King’s passive approach to freedom, citing that it would not amount to social change. However, King, inferred to biblical scriptures and stated that Jesus compelled the people to love and not like their enemy. He argues that Jesus’ instruction is highly significant as it is forces people to demonstrate love even when they don’t like certain people or what they do to them. Therefore, love is more significant than like. Through this sermon and statement, Martin Luther King was reinforcing his commitment to living a life that was pleasant to Christ. It is also the same approach that he was urging the people to take up in compliance with God’s guidance and instructions.

An analysis of Martin Luther king’s famous speech, “I have a dream,” is also a demonstration of his understanding of love. The address refers to various scriptural passages that reiterate the need for people and humanity to express love to one another. One scripture that is quoted in the speech is Isaiah 40:4-5, which he uses to express what he hopes for mankind. King explains that he dreams that one day the valleys shall be exalted. He adds that one time, the hills and the mountains shall be made low, and the rough patches shall be converted into plains. Martin Luther King further adds that he hopes that the crooked places shall be aligned and that the lord’s glory shall be revealed to all humanity. A vital premise of the dream is that individuals will deal with the various issues that bring about discord so that they can coexist as brothers (Cone 1). Through his speeches, Martin Luther King was confident that both the Black and white community would coexist as brothers and live together in love. Through his speeches and activism, it is evident that Martin Luther King was passionate about ensuring equality and justice for the people.

However, he appreciated that no community is sovereign and that peace would only arise if individuals from various communities would coexist. Therefore, he believed in complying with God’s principles and doctrines concerning love, even when it was difficult to do so, as all are one in Christ (Cone 6). Thus, Martin Luther King Jr. urged blacks to continue loving their white counterparts even though they were their enemies and had propagated a lot of injustices against them.

Unlike Martin Luther King’s inference to biblical love, Malcolm emphasized the need for self-assertiveness. Malcolm’s assumption of love was not derived from faith-based precepts of the same. The leader’s notion of love was based on the idea of self-awareness and determination.

Malcolm’s articulations of love were based on the need to uncover and propagate radical behavior among the people. Malcolm was aware that the people had endured various degradations from one generation to another. While Malcolm X’s life is continually tainted by the premise that he advocated for violence, he sought to encourage a sense of black pride among the people. The latter championed the need for black self-defense and urged the people to invest in a self-sense of appreciation. He does this by condemning the exaltation of white people citing that the black community should embark on a journey of self-discovery. Such teachings caused his critics to consider him a violent man and resulted in the condemnation of the Nation of Islam. It is also these teachings that NOI was considered a cult, and Malcolm X labeled a radical. However, when confronted with the charge that he was propagating hatred among the people, the leader offered brilliant responses coupled with rhetorical questions. In his explanation, he explained the impetus of radical self-love. He posed several questions to the people, such as who taught them to hate their skin color or their hair texture. He further asks them how they learned to hate the shape of their nose and lips. He also asks the people why they hate their general appearance and where they learned that from. He further compels the people to examine the source of their hatred before intimating that the Nation of Islam is responsible for propagating deplorable values. Thus, Malcolm X’s radical ideologies were informed by the need to foster self-love among the Black community.

Self-love was an overarching theme of Malcolm X’s advocacy work, as exhibited through this works and life. The leader ensured to sensitize the people on the importance of appreciating their racial nature, and specific aspects of their life when he spoke to Black audiences. An evaluation of the “autobiography of Malcolm X” reveals that it is a highly impactful work based on the need to cultivate self-love. It is his devoting to self-love that causes the activist to write about it. Therefore, despite his various complexities, the leader was motivated by the vision for a better world, one where individuals re-conceptualize their understanding of love. Through his work, the black community is encouraged to move beyond their understanding of love as mere control and possession. Instead, they should re-conceptualize it to include nurturance and collaboration.

Overall, faith, justice, and love are the primary drivers of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X’s activism during the civil rights era. The two men were distinct leaders with varying philosophies. A key difference in their opinions emanated from their religions as King was a Christian and Malcolm a Muslim. Consequently, the various social reforms approach they advocated for and supported were a product of their religious teachings. King was highly entrenched in biblical scriptures and passages, as this informed his understanding of love and justice. It is also because of the biblical background that he opted for non-violent tactics of activism. Conversely, Malcolm X was first a convert to the Nation of Islam before conforming to traditional Islamic values. Malcolm’s initial radical views were informed by his subscription to the Nation of Islam, which advocates for Black separatism. When he eventually subscribed to traditional Islamic values, he appreciated the need for brotherhood by opposing racial injustices. However, he continued with his radical approach of activism by urging the black community to exercise self-love and appreciation.

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