Health Care information Management

As health information director of the company, there is an alarming case of identity case in the company. It is, therefore, my role to ensure that I address the issue and how the risk is likely to be minimized in this case. In this case, electronic health records are essential to the organization. Without electronic health records, then the organization is likely to find difficulties on their day to day operations. The company mostly engages in posting client results online as well as other information regarding the company. But some people use this data for their benefits. The records cannot be published online without the help of electronic health records. They help facilitate how different information’s within the health care system. Despite the invention of the electronic system, there have been recorded several cases which have acted data that is posted online. Some of the pending instances, in this case, are legal, financial and ethical questions that have served the way electronic data is adopted online. The key challenges that are facing the organizing need to be addressed with immediate effect. It will help the clinicians be able to review need to be addressed by the clinicians working in the hospital. The hospital has recorded rising cases where the electronic health records of the hospital have been manipulated from time to time. It affects the normal functioning of the hospital where patients cannot trace some of their health records.

In this case, the first thing that needs to be addressed is the ethical dilemma that has risen over the years. The issue needs proper discussion to come up with the right solution regarding the issue. According to this, the patients often find out that their data is missing from the hospital records. It is an issue that has affected many people over the past few years. The essay will also touch on the financial question which needs to pay for implementation of the HER into the systems. It is because the current users who are using the services, including the hospital, will not gain much from the system. The issue, therefore, does not need to be discussed from the state level. It is something that needs to be addressed commencing from the national level. Taking this action will help come up with a better effect on the ethical, legal, and financial dilemmas faced by different companies. The solution will create a better, capable, interoperable, widespread and safe EHR that will transform the image of the company. The stakeholders within the healthcare sector will help come up with a better health care system that is secure and the one that cannot be manipulated by any hackers. Electronic health data, in this case, will help facilitate management where the data of patients will be protected at all times. Looking closely at these three concepts regarding the hospital, then it will be easier for the hospital to come up with a secure mechanism system that will protect the company’s data. The patients will be at safe hands; hence the reputation of the company will be protected. In this case, I will focus on how legal, ethical and financial roles and how they apply towards protecting the company from theft.

Legal dilemmas

The legal systems in a hospital rely on different parts that involve coming up with the latest technology. An excellent example of the technology that needs to be adopted in this case is the use of electronic health records. The EHR offers the right guidance on how the organization need to conduct itself as well as share information on various websites. The lasts technology has allowed mist hospitals within the country to be able to use the technology in the hospitals. A lot of facilities have embraced this technology, and many of them are doing well. The initiatives that are created in these cases mostly affects the clinicians. Clinicians in most occasions, do not how to implement such policies in their systems. The reason for this is that the EHR can be expensive for many users who may want to use. For instance, in our hospital, we have not embraced the use of HER because it is quite costly for. The company cannot afford it; hence they prefer going for something cheap. In the process, the alternative method is not secure. It is the one that has contributed the organization towards losing information to thefts.

The other key thing to be discussed in this case is the fact the hospital cannot access and review the information that is contained within the EHR. The reason for not viewing the information provided is the fact that the organization does not discuss the data within its stipulated timeframe. Electronic records, in this case, is essential because it is more reliable and can store data records as well as be able to access the data including the time and duration when the data was posted in the EH records. The system allows one to store essential documents of clinical notes, radiography images, laboratory results, and providing correspondence for many years. It is also stated that the EH that is not updated may fail to store critical information for long because it is not up to date. It makes it easier for clinicians to perform their different functions.

The EHRs are also essential in the fact that they allow the clinicians and different hospitals to be accountable and responsible. It can be done through compute auditing where the company will perform a detailed audit on its operators. Through the company audit, it will be easier for the hospital to determine whether there are any cases of identity theft. The other thing is for the EHRs to assess the kind of individuals that will take part in the reviewing process where essential information will be obtained. The EHRs audit, in this case, is necessary for that it will identify any instances of abnormal tests conducted through the systems. It can be determined that some of the clinicians in the hospital were responsible for this act, and the hospital can take legal actions against them. The issue has become a significant concern to many people as many healthcare facilities post their information online. It has therefore contributed towards the access of data by many people.

The other key thing with the EHRs is that it has led to the introduction of a new liability. Many of the EHRs developed has different documentations that allow the previous data counted by the hospitals to be automatically imported into the system. The obligations happen in cases where the organization are introduced into the hospital data without the signing of the clinician. The other key thing to consider in this case is the fact that some of the information that is copied and pasted contains extraordinary information that can be exploited by hackers. It can also show information that has meaningful content to the user. It is, therefore, a significant challenge that most hospitals face in this case.

The liabilities introduced into the system are not in line with the CDS recommendations. It is something illegal that requires the hospitals to act quickly. The issue has risen over the years because the clinicians have no better way to contain the situation. According to the CDS, it is essential for the hospitals first to integrate the CDS recommendation s into their systems. They will help the company determine how they will perform different functions.

Ethical dilemmas

The question of ethics within the hospitals has been raised over the years because of its accessibility and portability. It states on the ownership of the information that is protected by the hospitals. The clinicians, in this case, have a role to play in the hospital set up. They have to ensure that they update all its customers in case the company experiences any security breach. Most patients within society have raised many concerns regarding the issue of security. Many have stated that the wrong sources have used their information. Some of the patients have said that many hospitals have got no proper security systems that will help protect their data. The conducts are growing over the years, which has also been raised in our hospital. The company website is not that secure where many of the results posted to the hospital website end up in the wrong hands. According to the EHRs, it is stated that many vendors working the hospital have engaged in any unlawful acts. Most of these vendors end up selling some part of their patient information to the wrong hands. It is there believed that the act of losing data does not only start from the outside of the organization, but it starts from within.  They have also ended up selling medical device markers and other health research devices. The data that has been sold to the public can be identified through the use of recognised sources within the company. Many patients, therefore, in this case, have come up with ways on how they can start a movement of ensuring that their information is stored in the right sources. They also want to ensure that the company does not sell its report to outside sources. The other key thing is the fact that patients want to be assured about how the company will come up with a reliable mechanism that will protect their data whenever they seek services from those hospitals. It will, therefore, lead to coming up with a financial and ethical dilemma. The critical thing that will be followed in this case is developing compliance whereby the hospitals are likely to come up with better clinical time which is expected to come up with better records. The clinicians will also be responsible for the loss of client information. The clinicians, in this case, will not have meaningful use of the information as the different Medicare payments on the patients.

It is also noted that over the years, there have been many cases of computer-based breach of personal information which has therefore raised legal and ethical issues. It is stated that the current method used is not appropriate to store company information and well as the patient’s information. A good example is the existing institutions that use different audit logs which shows the kind of persons that tried to access data using the EHRs. A security breach has been happening over the years, which has paralyzed activities of any organization.

Focusing on the implementation of the EHRs and that of the HIEs can be sued to generate the data that will help in the payment mechanism system. It will also lead to an ethical dilemma within the hospital. The data can be there for several years, but also the organization needs to address various issues that are affecting its productivity as well as the offering of the services. One of the critical areas that need to be discussed in this case is the validation and verification of the data, data aggregation and analysis of the data.  The company will state the kind of people that are likely to access the data within the systems.  The other thing is determining the type of people that will help make the final interpretation of the data. The company, in this case, will assume that everyone is correct in one way or the other hence it leads to unethical disagreements within the hospital setup.

The other issue raising in this case, according to the ethical dilemma is the act the problem of control and privacy of the electronic records has been unresolved. A good example is the increased availability of information online is something that the clinicians need to be careful at all times and be able to determine how they can contain the situation. But it is often stated that the growing need to be open with their parents at all, times. They do not need to hide anything from them.

Financial dilemma

One of the critical issue within the healthcare set up is the fact that there are many unresolved issues on the use of implementation of the HIEs and the EHRs. It is estimated that 89% of the money collected from the EHRs is used within the healthcare setup. It is more prevalent than the benefits obtained from the implementation of EHRs finance. Electronic health records, in this case, can help reduce individual productivity by 10%. The physicians are very much concerned about this issue, and they wish that the EHRs need to be implemented. It will help them with how they offer different services and how the company will protect its users from various risks. It has, therefore, not been easy to implement this policy as the cost is directed into the physician. The government does not want to handle this issue directly, and therefore they want the clinicians to be accountable if the EHRs. They, therefore, wish to the private investors who are running clinicians to pay for private insurance. The other issue is the fact that the records management team is not accountable or does not have better methods of ensuring that the records are well stored. In this case, the company ends up losing different files to frauds. The files are often mishandled by some respective bodies who therefore end up misplacing the data in cost occasions. The other thing is that the cost that may have been used to store records within the EHRs is prohibitive. The company cannot keep up with the cost of storing the data. The financial case is therefore costly in this case; hence the company cannot keep up with it. The other challenge that the organization s face, in this case, is reducing the cost of care. Many people want the EHRs to cater to the value used in the hospitals. They want the EHRs to reduce the cost of expenditure within the healthcare setup. Hence many people cannot afford the cist where they will end up looking for alternative means of accessing healthcare services. It will contribute to identity theft in one way of the other.

Reducing identity theft

Various things can be done to reduce identity theft in hospitals. In this case, there are multiple things that I will do to ensure that the issue of identity theft is contained from the initial stage. One of the factors that will help save the situation include:

Reducing any risks with the personal information of the patients

The hospital can consider coming up with better storage systems. For instance, the company can come up it a way of storing the social numbers. Social numbers are vulnerable to identity theft. Any cases of a data breach and entering of errors into the system can land the patients information in the wrong hands. It will end up compromising the knowledge of the patients which will be sued for the improper purpose. Most fraudulent today is using the patient’s information which has been leaked or stolen. It can also be stated that verbal information can also land in the wrong hands of the people. The first thing that needs to be considered in this case is for the hospital employee always to keep the information of the patients private and confidential. They are not allowed to discuss the data to anyone. They are not also allowed to review the information with their families. It is right for them always to observe work ethics and ensure that the patients are protected at all times.

Secure methods of storing information

The hospital, in this case, also need to come up with reliable means of storing information.  They need to keep up with different measures that will ensure that information is always safe and out of reach of anyone. The company can also consider investing in the right IT. Having a better, IT for the company which is durable and reliable is likely to protect the organization. The hospital can also consider using the health safety identifier, which will help strengthen information as well as security data. It will help bring positive results to the company.

Avoid storing patient information

The hospitals shouldavoid storing patient’sinformation. It is not right for the hospitals to store customers data without their permission. For instance, the hospital needs only to store meaningful and important information. For example, they can save the records of these patients that have conditions that require them to come to regulate checkups.

Responsibly disposing of patient information

The hospital, in this case, does not require to store patient information at all cost. They only need to store sensitive information. It is right for the organization to always dispose of the patient in proper manners. It is not right to just throw away some patients’ records without having a better plan. It can fall on the hands of the wrong people who will end up using the information for their gain.

Educate the patients

The hospital also has the mandate of training the patients at all times. They need to be prepared the best ways of storing data or securing their information. The hospital can share different statistics and suggestions and how they can protect their data. They should be encouraged at all times, always to keep them safe.

In this case, being the director of the company, it is my responsibility to ensure that the issue is well addressed to the responsible authority. The first thing that I will do in this case is to send a memorandum to every calling them for a meeting. In the reception is ill alert the members in the issue at hand. I will then ask the IT team to research on better security practices that will help protect the organization. Security practices should address the objective and goals of the company. After coming up with better security, I will then ask them to integrate it into the system. I will also ensure that every member of the organization is aware of the new changes in the organization. I will also ask the members to be responsible on who they share information with. Finally, I will form a task force that will oversee how the new program is working with the organization and see if it needs any changes.



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