different Cultures and their unique Cuisines


Choosing a cuisine is normally an uphill task since most cuisines have an elaborate recipe and almost alter other cuisines. However, based on the tradition of a given culture, one will notice that a particular cuisine commonly relates to that culture. For this reason, I took a personal initiative to investigate two cuisines, the American cuisine, and a rivaling Mexican cuisine. The two cuisines are affiliated to two restaurant’s courtesy of Texans Road House restaurant, and Abuelo Restaurant respectively. The commencing report will compare how these cuisines that I met and how I concluded that they had much to relate with the type of culture surrounding them.


I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. This region has a strong reputation in combining various cuisines. Muscogee speaking people, who happen to be Red Indians by origin, previously inhabited the city. However, with time, the culture of these people was eroded paving way for the inhibiting of European Americans and African American. Therefore, as part of the culture, the only available culture is an American culture. Nonetheless, a strong Mexican culture is taking the city’s cuisine by storm. For this reason, there are restaurants, which are offering a plethora of Mexican dishes whilst others are offering a combination of foods. The foods offered in these restaurants have combined American dishes; for instance, Pizzas and Hamburger alongside a vibrant Italian cuisine. This research will investigates two core restaurants courtesy of Texans Road House and Abuelos both located within the city

Texans Road House

This restaurant is also known as the legendary House began operations on February 17th, 1993 in Indiana (Texans, 2014). The founder, Kent Taylor operated the restaurant as a family restaurant and not a complete steak restaurant. The fall-off-the Bone Ribs, Made-from-scratch sides provided hearty meals on standout. Besides foods, the restaurant has also operated a longer chain of hot and cold drinks. The Tulsa branch has operated as jukebox events center alongside offering food and drinks. Additionally, the Tulsa branch relates heavily with the dining culture surrounding the city. Thus, in summary it is good to note that restaurant enjoys southern urbanity.

I visited this restaurant with casual friends since it offers comprehensive services from music, drinks and foods. The romance and enthusiasm associated with this restaurant ensure that there is a strong, vibrant southern spirit. The exterior outlook combined with interior design assures the visitors of tranquility, comfort and security. In particular, the rich timbered internal partitions ensure that friends can share a table without being disturbed or feeling their privacy is being eroded. In fact, the internal design is suitable for couples who would prefer their privacy is not interrupted


After a close analysis of the Texans, one will notice the traditional American. The standard menu-, which is American classic, is somewhat lighter than the traditional cuisine. I would concur that the restaurant beats competitors on a ten-nil basis. The foods being offered on the restaurant not only focus on the southern-urbanity, but also combine creative American aspect to foreign dishes. Additionally, it is good to note that the foods respect the health-trend of Americans and for this reason, the restaurant chefs have with time, avoided artificial spices. Top of the list are the legendary sites, which combines traditional foods and modernity orientation. I ordered Sauteed Mushrooms, Baked potatoes, Fresh vegetables and Apples sauce for myself since I am half-vegetarian. The ingredients accompanying these foods were pepper and salad

The foods that I took had a greater combination of health benefits. According to (Canadian living, 2014), the selenium in mushrooms will protect me against bladder cancer. Crimini mushrooms contain phytonutrients that improve my overall immune system. Thirdly, my heart health will improve since the mushrooms I took contained vitamin B1and B6 (Spector, 2013). Lastly, mushrooms contain conjugated linoleic acid and CLA suppresses of a natural substance of the body commonly known as aromatase. Aromatase reduces the levels of estrogens circulating in my body.


Alternatively, I would prefer to visit the Abuelos restaurant. This restaurant has managed to establish itself as the sole provider of Mexican Cuisine by combining menu creativity with foods and a high beverage quality and colorful plate presentation and a superior Mexican orientation. A strange visitor visiting the place will notice the strong Spanish aroma emanating from the dishes. Both the inside and the outside ensure that the Hacienda orientation of art is well noticed. In the inside, the lighting is regulated to ensure that the rich art of Mexican graffiti is experienced.

I would prefer visiting the Abuelos with my family members or my colleagues since it offers unique services that meet this kind of receptions. The restaurant offers both in-house and courtyard catering. I consider this approach useful since it empowers privacy and security of visitors. In fact, Abuelo’s Tulsa offered finest private party meetings accommodating 20-120 visitors. Menus in this case are configured to meet the group requirements. Additionally, the Tulsa branch offers outside catering for special events, which ensures that celebration and unforgettable moments are emphasized (Abuelo, 2014).

The menu section is the most appealing with both its aroma and its visibility. Walker (2013, pp. 648) argues that Mexican-American foods come with widely successful sale by people of outside culture. In this case of Abuelo, a sinister approach appropriation of Mexican food products is the Monterrey a sour cream chicken enchilada, spinach enchilada, avocado enchilada, cheese chile relleno, chicken ranchera enchilada. It should be noted that Mexican foods are combined with intense rituals. Additionally, according to (Pilcher, 2008, pp. 530) Mexican foods, give intense flavors through the usage of smoking of chile peppers, garlic, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables.


The foods are combined with a series of signature drinks. Now for starters, I ordered a Guacamole, fresh seasoned avocado with diced tomatoes. I later ordered Huevos Rancheros, which happens to be cheese enchiladas with chile con carne and two eggs served with a side of ranchera sauce with refried beans and choice of papas con chile and Mexican rice. These meals are available during lunchtime hours.


The central food Huevos Rancheros, which is populated with cheese, offered me with a bloated health cover. According to (Council of California, 2014) cheese contains proteins, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B12. Recently, Federal Drugs Authority (FDA) has said that calcium is on the nutrients that are under a sharp decline in the American diet. In fact, Dairy Council of California, 2014, argues nine of ten women falls short of calcium recommendations (Fontaine, 2011). Therefore, my choice complies heavily with government expectations. Calcium plays an important role transmitting message and muscle contraction as well as, release of hormones. Calcium from the bones ensures cell function, which presents weakened bones.




Based on the technical situation of these two cuisines, one will then conclude that culture had much significant in how it orients it dishes. The two cuisines, which have been affiliated to the two restaurants courtesy of Texans Roads House restaurant and Abuelo, have much to reflect on the culture of being communicated. Additionally, one will notice the loyalty of restaurant setting in responding to cuisines table specifications.


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