Recycling of Plastics to better the Environment

Research has found out that recycling of plastic is better than making new plastic. Also, the environmental impact is positive. The environment should be the most vital consideration when recycling plastics. Consumers are fond of using plastic bottles and bags, which are often recycled. Measures should exist to ensure that plastic is disposed of well.… Continue reading Recycling of Plastics to better the Environment

Technology Impact in an Organisation

In adapting to new technology, universities face many challenges. This is in terms of systems for performance evaluation, compensation systems and decision rights. Problems usually arise when people have to adapt to changes. Information has to be communicated as well as processed. Everyone in the university has to have access to information; otherwise it will… Continue reading Technology Impact in an Organisation


Trends Painfully and slowly, there is a picture that is emerging of a universal crime that is embracing all nations. Billions of dollars are being minced at the expense of numerous human trafficking victims. Young girls and boys who at their tender ages are supposed to be in school are now being pressurized into  becoming… Continue reading TRENDS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING


As much as third world countries have bared much of the brunt as far as the drastic effects that stem from illiteracy are concerned, the industrialized countries are also facing a crisis. It is estimated that around 60 million Americans are functionally uneducated. The repercussion for these soaring numbers is in-depth yet nothing is being… Continue reading ILLITERACY AND HOW TO CURB IT


Nigeria is in West Africa between longitudes latitude 4-14 north of the equator, and 2-15 East of the meridian. Its landmass is approximately 923,768 square kilometers, whereby 98.59% is land area whereas, 1.41% is water. It has a characteristic tropical climate at the coastal region, sub-tropics in the hinterland and has two visibly defined seasons.… Continue reading IMPACT OF CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA


  Early childhood development is a crucial topic in psychology and education, as it is the first step to understanding the human growth and development. Early childhood development is defined as the growth and development that takes place from pre-conception to around the age of six (Marsh, Larson & Hall, 2003). Researchers explain that these… Continue reading EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION