Emma Watson

October 19, 2019

Advice to Ufanisi SoftTech Co. Ltd on Use of Database

Advice to Ufanisi SoftTech Co. Ltd on Use of Database S/W The contemporary society is very dynamic due to the constantly changing trends in the field […]
October 19, 2019

Advertising have negative effects on children.

  Advertising can be related creation of awareness or calling public attention to a product, need or even a service. It is done via newspapers, television, […]
October 19, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of the tri-system at CSU

  The CSU,California State Universityis found in the state of California and it is a public university offering three systems at ago. These three systems include […]
October 19, 2019

Violence in The Media andeffects to youth

  Advancement of technology has been happening in all aspects of life, from home appliances such as television, children toys, and kitchen appliances such as microwaves. […]
October 19, 2019


  I am writing this letter to express my concern about the biting poverty that eats the society leaving people destitute and desperate. I would start […]
October 19, 2019

Achievements in the public healthcare

  Subsequent achievements in health status may be less connected to science as opposed to societal policies.  I agree with this conviction due to a number […]
October 19, 2019

Accounting, The balance sheet and income statements

  The balance sheet and income statements are used in financial accounting because they are regarded as the most important financial statements. The Balance sheet lists […]
October 19, 2019

    Accounting theory.relevance to the society

October 19, 2019

Access to information technology analysis

Information technology is defined by the use of computers to access internet services for various purposes. For a long time, society has relied on books for […]
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