Students with Diverse Learning Needs

Learning Methods/ needs             It is always known that every student comes with their own individual package and not two pupils learn the same way despite the fact that they are taught with the same curriculum. Naseem International School being an international school accommodates students from different cultures and backgrounds who may have different needs… Continue reading Students with Diverse Learning Needs

Factors Affecting the Mathematics and numeracy

Learning Mathematics Contents Introduction. 1 Personal factors. 1 Social factors. 2 Public perceptions. 3 Conclusion. 3     Introduction             Acquisition of numeracy has been an issue that has attracted a lot or research .The research is mostly aimed at finding out the personal and social factors that affect the acquisition of numeracy as well… Continue reading Factors Affecting the Mathematics and numeracy

Cross border management phenomenon

Cross border management is a tricky phenomenon for global business, particularly for multinationals with overseas active production operations. I have always held the opinion that the complexity of the cross border management in the operations of multinationals requires a local solution to counter the arising issues. Leading global firms must therefore to live to expectations,… Continue reading Cross border management phenomenon

Understanding children learning to read and write.

Playing is the work of children; through playing and interacting children learn their speech, listening, reading and writing. Learning to read and write was an exciting adventure to me as a young child. This adventure typically begins in infancy and last throughout life. The foundation of reading and writing was laid when I began learning… Continue reading Understanding children learning to read and write.

types of Learning Disorders and management

Learning Disorders Contents Introduction. 1 Types of learning disorders. 1 dyslexia. 2 dyscalculia. 2 dysgraphia. 3 Dyspraxia. 3 Aphasia/ dysphasia. 3 Signs and symptoms of learning disorders. 4 Diagnosis and testing. 5 Conclusion. 6     Introduction Do you have a child who struggles with school? Dothey dread reading out loud, writing essays or tackling… Continue reading types of Learning Disorders and management

Learning And Memory detailed discussion

Learning And Memory Lecture three explored learning and memory and the intricate connection between these aspects and consumer behaviour. Consumer learning is an essential component of consumer behaviour and it results from memory changes that occur due to information processing. The learning process takes place intentionally when a consumer recognises a problem that needs solution… Continue reading Learning And Memory detailed discussion

Learner’s Language Learning Experience

Learner’s Language Learning Experience Introduction The English language has become one of the most widespread languages in the entire world, used in almost every country in communicating. I started taking lessons on the English language as at the age of 12, primarily pushed by its importance in the international arena. This would essentially increase my… Continue reading Learner’s Language Learning Experience