Advocacy through Legislation Paper

Advocacy through Legislation

Identify a problem or concern in your state, community, or organization that can be advocated through legislation. Research the issue and complete the sections below. For each topic that requires the listing of criteria, a minimum of two measures should be identified and discussed. Add more rows as is appropriate for the topic/proposal.


In no more than 250 words, describe the problem, who is affected, and the current ramifications. Explain the consequences if the issue continues.

Healthcare professional especially nurses who interact the most with patient faces different situations in their work. Therefore, to deal with this situation, nurses should think of various ways to deal with crises. According to Brown et al. (2018), nurses take up advocacy to enhance policy changes to include different approaches and alternatives ways of dealing with problems to achieve better patient outcomes. Advocacy in healthcare impacts healthcare through their relations and experiences in their work setting. The legislation includes policies that guide nursing responsibilities and duties to offer patients quality care and services.

New York is ranked among the top state in the United States with many healthcare problems such as a high rate of drug overdose and high smoking rates, and patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. These are many health issues that are hard to deal with due to experiences of financial problems, mainly due to misdirecting healthcare resources. New York is highly diverse with a high population of minorities, people with diversity and, economic issues. Therefore, many people in New York are not healthcare programs such as Medicaid, which hinders their ability to access healthcare services (Abbasinia et al., 2020). New York spends the available healthcare resources to treat various health problems faced by people in the community. The population of New York is unhealthy due to inadequate access to healthcare due to insufficient economic, social, environmental and, healthcare systems. Also, unlike other States, New York has persistent problems, especially in health spending, leading to poorer health outcomes and many people seeking care in the unsustainable healthcare systems.

The idea for Addressing Solution

In no more than 250 words, outline your idea for addressing the issue and explain why legislation is the best course for advocacy.

Legislation through policy advocacy is essential in decision making, especially in addressing the problems affecting the healthcare system in New York and all over the country’s heat care systems. The issue can be addressed using legislation policies that administrate available resources such as funds, ensuring there is no misspending or shifting the available resources to another scheme that is not the intended purpose (Payn et al., 2017). The Federal government allocates funding for the New York state healthcare for the states, then budgeted to each healthcare department. The spending of resources such as funds becomes a problem when the management does not have adequate policies that guide how the resources will be spent to meet the department’s requirements. According to Aksel et al. (2017), to deal with the overspending ad wrong spending pattern of the available resources, nurses advocate for policies legislation that guides the spending of the resources. This is achieved by concentrating on encouraging and adopting preventive care in the community to reduce the cost of accessing and getting healthcare services, especially when there is an outbreak of a wide range of diseases. Additionally, a preventive approach and educating the population will help reduce substance uses disorders which are major health issues challenges that require a lot of resources both financially, time, human and, medication to treat and manage.

Advocating through legislation will enhance diversities in providing healthcare facilities to all people in the community without discrimination of services. This is achieved by encouraging the people to get insurance schemes such as Medicaid, which ensures access to healthcare services to the diverse population such as the poor, disabled, and minority in the communities. According to Perry & Emory (2017), advocating for legislation provides guidance and standardization in the daily operation of healthcare to make sure the available resources are appropriately utilized for the set purpose to deal with the problem of overspending or spending the resources for the wrong purpose.

Research the Issue

Perform research and compile information for your idea. Present substantive evidence-based findings that support your idea for addressing the problem (studies, research, and reports). Include any similar legislation introduced or passed in other states.

Evidence 1 With coordination with insurance organizations, the government and healthcare expertise have created and implemented evidence-based strategies that govern spending in healthcare organizations. According to Abbasinia et al. (2020), the legislation and policies have been implemented to standardize spending and guide activities to ensure they are within the set budget. Procedures to govern and streamline the administrative functions and spending to make sure all the people within New York get healthcare services. Policies such as the Affordable Care Act(ACA) were developed to reduce the cost of coverage to ensure many people qualify for insurance, which helps pay for the cost of services in the healthcare setting for the continues population in the united states (Payn et al., 2017).
Evidence 2 The federal government has developed programs to enhance payment for healthcare by the population, which are programs rolled out in all states, including New York. According to Moynihan et al. (2019), the programs such as Medicaid for individuals with a disability and low-income individuals and Medicare for the elderly above 65 years and young people with disabilities enhance access and affordability of healthcare services within all states. Employee health insurance is another initiative to cut healthcare spending (Payn et al., 2017). The employer and the insurance company pay for the cost of accessing medical benefits to an individual and their beneficiaries. Also, policies are put in place to make sure every citizen in need of affordable healthcare has equal access to available healthcare programs.
Stakeholder Support

Discuss the stakeholders who would support the proposed idea and explain why they would be in support.

Stakeholder(s) Supporting 1 Nurses are significant stakeholders who will support the proposed ideas of mainstreaming and using policies to govern the spending of the resources in healthcare to effectively and efficiently meet the population’s needs. Nurses are responsible for providing care to patient hence spends the most time with patients (Abbasinia et al., 2020). Therefore, providing quality services and care enhances patient satisfaction, adequate recovery, and best health outcomes, reducing the number of patients revising the hospitals after discharge. Also, nurses advocate for preventive measures through health promotion and patient education, which reduces the number of people getting an illness or visiting the healthcare organization and ensuring quality health and well-being in the communities (Aksel et al., 2017). Also, nurses support the proposed ideas to provide qualified and adequate nurses to ensure there is no shortage of nurses to cater to many patients visiting healthcare facilities which will, in turn, reduce hospital visits.
Stakeholder(s) Supporting 2 Another major stakeholder is the government which supports the suggested healthcare idea of advocating for streamlining the spending in healthcare (Perry & Emory, 2017). The government funds the public healthcare originations in New York. It is the government’s responsibility through the ministry of health to ensure safe, effective, and quality healthcare to every citizen in the country. Therefore, any policy or legislation that aims to streamline and guide effective healthcare spending will receive support from the government and health sectors (Aksel et al., 2017). Overspending and wrong spending of healthcare resources, especially funds, is a problem affecting New York and all other states in the country. Healthcare overspending of resources leads to a considerable burden to the government, which causes health problems to the citizens who cannot meet the high costs of healthcare services.
Stakeholder Opposition

Discuss the stakeholders who would oppose the proposed idea. Explain why they would be in opposition and how you would prepare to debate or converse about these considerations.

Stakeholder(s) Opposed 1 Private healthcare organizations and investors are against the proposed ideas because fewer people seek healthcare settings. According to Brown et al. (2018), streamlining resources enhances patient education, creating awareness and preventive services. Private healthcare facilities benefit from providing services that are not available in public healthcare facilities or when services are not available in public healthcare facilities. Hence, when populations learn to prevent illness and achieve their health and well-being, few disease cases are vising hospitals, exceptionally costly private hospitals for services. Therefore private investors oppose the ideas as they are affected, leading to losses.
Stakeholder(s) Opposed 2 Another opposed stakeholder opposed to the proposed ideas is pharmaceutical organizations such as chemists and pharmacists who sell medication and products to healthcare facilities and patients. Therefore when the number of patients who visit healthcare facilities reduces, the pharmaceutical experience decreases sales of drugs and equipment.
Financial Incentives/Costs

In no more than 250 words, summarize the financial impact for the issue and the idea (added costs, cost savings, increased revenue, etc.). Provided support.

Development and implementation of any legislation is a process that aims to reduce the financial spending within the healthcare organization. Suppose the legislation to govern and to fund spending in healthcare is approved and implemented. In that case, The New York state will be able to control and streamline the healthcare spending and make sure available resources are adequate to enhance the provision of quality services and care to all the people visiting the healthcare facilities (Abbasinia et al., 2020). The problem of overspending and spending the resources on inappropriate purposes will affect the functionality of the organization.

The approval of legislation will help streamline the management of resources such as funds in the heat care system and increase the use of insurance and programs to reduce the high cost of providing primary and secondary healthcare to the population. The legislation policy will enhance preventive and health promotion services, which reduces the number of people seeking medical services; hence few resources will be needed in healthcare. Also, the legislation will ensure healthcare professionals such as nurses improve their services and provides quality services that reduce readmissions to the hospitals, which in turn reduces the costs and resources of treating readmission cases. According to Brown et al. (2018), the available resources are used to effectively provide access to healthcare services to the few people seeking healthcare services, unlike when there was no programs to reduce illness and health issues which required the use of a lot of resources to cater for the high number of patients seeking medical services.

Adequate management of resources empowers better healthcare settings, especially among nurses, to ensure quality care and patient satisfaction. Satisfied employee enhances health promotion through creating awareness and educating others on prevention intervention resulting to population health and reduced cases of illness (Aksel et al., 2017). This saves healthcare funds shifted in other programs to improve healthcare systems such as campaigns and patient education to improve New York population health and well-being.

Legislature: Information Needed and Process for Proposal

Discuss how to advocate for your proposal using legislation. Include the following:

Provide the name and complete contact information for the legislator. Richard N. Gottfried

Contact: LOB 823

Albany, NY 12248

Describe the steps for how you would present this to your legislator. I would discuss the proposed ideas with the healthcare management, which in turn discuss the proposed legislation with the legislator for support. The discussion would involve the justification and reason for the legislation to support implementing the idea: the rationale incudes benefits and budget required to implement the proposal through statistical analysis.
Outline the process if your legislator chooses to introduce your idea as a bill to Congress. Suppose the legislator supports and introduces the proposal as a bill to Congress. In that case, there is a need to campaign for the proposal to support other legislators by emphasizing the benefits such as cost savings to the healthcare system and the population. When Congress is in session, the bill is introduced to Congress, during which the proposed ideas are read as a bill and then referred to the healthcare committee for further discussion to agree and correct the statement. Lastly, the bill returns to Congress and is tabled for in-depth analysis by another committee.
Christian Principles and Nursing Advocacy

In no more than 250 words, discuss how principles of a Christian worldview lend support to legislative advocacy in health care without bias. Be specific about how these principles help advocate for inclusiveness and positive health outcomes for all populations, including those more vulnerable, without regard to gender, sexual orientation, culture, race, religion/belief, etc.

The Christian principle supports the proposed ideas in healthcare to ensure every citizen gets access to affordable and quality services without discrimination. The Christian principle promotes advocacy for the poor people who do not have the means to pay for services. Also, the Christian principle avoids discrimination based on minority diversities. Through the Christian principle, seethe healthcare professionals see every person as equal opportunities to healthcare services. All over the world, Christian Principe aims to help the vulnerable in the community by providing support products and ensuring access to services, especially healthcare services (Moynihan et al., 2019). The Christianity principles ensure there is no biasness by providing that all people are created in the image of God, which results from inequality in healthcare. Healthcare professionals are encouraged to apply the Christian principle, which does not see diversities or differences, and no one is more special than the other. Therefore, there are supports for legislation without basing its support on race, cultures, economic status or, gender. But, support the proposed ideas based on the benefits to humanity to ensure every person is treated with dignity and have equal access to offered healthcare services to ensure health and well-being.

Christian principle is applicable in healthcare to enhance positive outcomes. Christian involves spirituality in healthcare which enables the patient to believe in high powers resulting in better health outcomes. According to Perry & Emory (2017), legislators make sure they support laws and policies that meet the population’s health needs by ensuring the suggested legislation through nursing advocacy helps meet all people’s demands. Furthermore, the Christian principle encourages the healthcare systems and professionals to be truthful, especially when dealing with issues affecting the healthy population, to enhance preventive and health promotion measures.


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Brown, A., Ramsay, N., Milo, M., Moore, M., & Hossain, R. (2018). How research-based theatre is a solution for community engagement and advocacy at regional medical campuses: The Health and Equity through Advocacy, Research, and Theatre (HEART) program.Canadian medical education journal,9(1), e6. 10.1097/AOG.000000000000233

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Perry, C., & Emory, J. (2017). Advocacy through education.Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice,18(3), 158-165.

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